Charitable Donation/Event Sponsorship

Thank you for this opportunity to help your organization. Due to the high number of charitable requests, over two hundred a year, we unfortunately cannot participate in all of them. To help make an educated decision regarding your charity or community-related request, please answer the following required questions and submit the application below. We can reply back to you once we have reviewed the following information. If we are unable to assist you at this time, we may be in a better position to help later so please keep us in mind for future events/sponsorships. Thank you for your help!

We require a minimum of 90-days notice for donations.

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  • Please provide us with a copy of the ride waiver that you have participants sign if this is a ride event. If you would like Harley-Davidson of Sacramento to be the sponsor of your ride, your riders will be required to sign our event waiver form. In addition, you must provide a copy of your insurance policy naming Harley-Davidson of Sacramento as an “additional insured” under your policy for the event.